Sage 50 Financials Data Connector for Maximizer - Annual User Licence

Get the information at your fingertips

Integrate Sage accounts with Maximizer CRM and see a 360° view of all your customers

View Sage data within Maximizer without the need for a Sage Access Licence

A tab displays Orders, Invoices, Transactions directly from Sage, with a dashboard showing purchasing trends.

Simply select the Address Book record

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The Sage Financials tab displays the related orders, invoices, transactions

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Orders and invoices can be expanded to see the line items

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View ledger summary in a key field list

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Breakdown of monthly invoice values

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Ledger summary and CRM data in one place

Headline summary data and monthly spend is stored in Maximizer, allowing you to search both financial and CRM data in a single search.

Use Dashboards to track turnover

Keep track of turnover by Account Manager or sector. Create Credit Control dashboards to chase late payers.

Dashboard indicators display turnover by account manager, sector etc.

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Alerts for customers who are overdue

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The perfect solution for:


  • Empower Account Managers with financial information
  • Self serve enquiries usually made to the Accounts Department
  • Identify top customers by spend
  • Notification of customers placed on hold
  • Enhanced customer service

Credit Control

  • Credit Control notes visible to all / some users
  • Less interruptions from colleagues with financial queries
  • Pipeline analysis
  • Customer profiling


  • 360 degree view on customer financials in CRM
  • Performance management
  • True financial figures and analysis
  • Ability to dashboard financial information

Amalgamate financial and CRM data

Your account managers’ priority is to keep their customers happy. Sage Financials Data Connector improves your customer service by enabling their financial queries to be dealt with more efficiently.

How much does it cost?

Sage 50

Sage 200

Sage Financials Data Connector

Sage Financials Data Connector works for both Maximizer CRM Cloud and On-Premise Editions.

Pricing includes installation time and set up of Key Fields in Maximizer.

Need a Site Licence?

A Site Licence (£1,000 paid annually) allows you to deploy the Sage Financials Data Connector across an unlimited number of users on a single site.

Sage 50

Sage Financials Data Connector

for Maximizer

Pricing starting from:

£ 5 00
per user per month (£60 paid annually)
  • No need for a Sage Access licence
  • Financial information visible in CRM
  • Self serve accounts enquiries
  • 360 degree view of your customers
Compatible with Sage 50 v21 and upwards.

Maximizer CRM using the power of Sage Financials

  • An data feed connecting Maximizer CRM and Sage accounting
  • The unrivaled power of Maximizer CRM and the Sage Financials Connector allows your management team and account managers to view, search and analyse all your key data quickly and efficiently.
  • You no longer need to ask your Accounts Department for customer financial information as you can view it directly from within Maximizer CRM.
  • Key financial information is updated in Maximizer User Defined Fields (such as turnover, balance, account status etc.)

Want to know more?

Contact us if you have any queries, would like a demonstration or would like to place an order.

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